Chief cardiologist

Chief cardiologist

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Comrades! the implementation of the planned targets makes it possible to assess the value of the positions taken by the participants in relation to the tasks set.

One should not, however, forget that consultation with a broad asset allows one to assess the importance of the directions of progressive development.

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    • ENT
    • Ophthalmology
    • Vascular surgery
    • Ultrasound
    • Anesthesiology
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Lymphopharyngeal ring surgery
  • Adenotomy - removal of the enlarged pharyngeal tonsil (adenoid vegetations, adenoids), is performed under general anesthesia with endoscopic control.

    From UAH 2,500
  • Tonsillotomy - partial removal of the tonsils under general numbness.

    From UAH 1,200
  • Tonsillectomy - complete removal of the tonsils, is performed under general anesthesia using radio waves.

    From UAH 6,100

УЗИ Сосудов Шеи
  • Аденотомия - удаление увеличенного глоточной миндалины (аденоидных вегетаций, аденоидов), проводится под общим обезболиванием с эндоскопическим контролем.

    От 2,500 грн
  • Тонзилотомия - частичное удаление небных миндалин под общим обезболиванием.

    От 1,200 грн
  • Тонзиллэктомия - полное удаление небных миндалин, проводится под общим обезболиванием с использованием радиоволновых методик.

    От 6,100 грн
  • Септопластика - хирургическая операция по выравниванию искривленной носовой перегородки.

    От 500 грн
  • Ринопластка – хірургічна пластична операція по корекції форми носа.

    От 2,500 грн
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"Children's department S-Clinic"
Our medical center brings to your attention a pediatric department with patients aged up to 16 years! For more details information, go to our website for the children's department.
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Compactly & Rationally! Comfort Sclinic!
The medical center and its branches are functionally, compactly and rationally arranged and equipped with modern equipment, which determines their effective operation.
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